Fall harvest is nearly here and we wanted to share 10 tips for preparing your corn head to ensure that you achieve maximum results while reducing your chances of down time:

  1. Raise all dividers and blow or wash all trash out.
  2. Inspect gathering chains and tensioners. If the rollers are loose and the gathering chain drive sprockets are worn, they should be replaced. A broken chain can go into the combine.
  3. Adjust the gathering chain tensioners and run the head at full speed for 10-15 minutes.Check the gathering chain idler sprockets and replace any that are getting warm.
  4. Inspect the stalk roll knives and replace if they are getting worn through the hard facing at the front.
  5. Inspect the deck plates. If they have a wider spot worn in them, be sure to replace – this will help save a lot of corn. Also, be sure the deck plates are adjusted 1/8” closer at the front than they are at the rear – this will help so that rows don’t plug up easily.
  6. Replace the main drive chains as well as the auger drive chain. This will sure save on sprocket wear and help you have less of a chance of breaking down.
  7. Inspect the slip clutches and repair any missing or worn bolts, springs and spacers.
  8. Inspect the auger trough. Overlooked holes will sure leave corn in the field.
  9. Inspect the snouts, hoods, etc. for wear and proper height adjustment.
  10. Check out your header height sensor operation if your head is equipped so that it for sure works when you get to the field.

If you need any assistance getting your corn head ready this fall, our service department and parts department are ready to help! (785) 675-3201. If you’re thinking of upgrading your corn head this fall, check out our fine selection of new and used corn heads we still have available!